Bridgeport High School

Bridgeport High School’s theater was unusable due to non-functioning audio equipment. New leadership at the school wanted to make use of this great space again. Simoni Systems had recently installed a new gym audio system for Bridgeport High School so for upgrades to the theater they knew who to turn to. In the first phase of updating the theater, the leadership wanted to get an audio system up and functioning, as well as, make it easy to use for staff and outside events while keeping phase one costs down.

To accomplish this Simoni Systems re-used existing speakers and power amplifiers that were in working order. Adding a new QSC Core 110f digital signal processor and Allen & Heath SQ7 digital mixing console allowed for improved sound while reusing those components. The QSC Core 110f  along with a QSC touch screen facilitated a very user friendly auto preset function. All a presenter has to do is select what microphones they would like to use on the touchscreen and the system powers up into the correct mode giving the presenter control over their microphones. Alternatively, the Allen & Heath digital mixer can give full control of all wired and wireless inputs in the theater for concerts, musicals and other events. 

All and all this phase one upgrade got the theater into working order allowing the school to have a place to hold graduations, band concerts and more.  


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February 20, 2020

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