Simoni Systems Inc. has been involved in projects ranging from acoustical evaluation of architectural design documents, acoustical testing of existing venues, to design, specification, and installation of state of the art audio/video and control systems.

Acoustical design projects have run the gamut from noise control considerations at the U.S. Naval Air Station at Pensacola FL to the acoustical design of numerous board rooms, churches, school music suites, and auditoriums. Simoni Systems Inc. has the capability to generate acoustically correct 3-D computer models of listening spaces, and can also perform auralization, so that the client can actually hear the acoustical performance of a room or audio system before it is built.

For existing structures and noise sources, Simoni Systems Inc. can perform real-time analysis with one octave to 1/24 octave bandwidths. We also have the capability to perform time delay spectrometry and detailed noise level analysis.

Simoni Systems Inc. provided all on-site audio installation and production communications for World Cup Soccer 94 in Detroit, and has provided audio and production communications and day of game operations for Detroit Lions football, the Pontiac Silverdome, and Ford Field since 1994. Other work at Ford Field has included system set up, mapping, upgrades, and monitoring installation in preparation for Super Bowl XL. We know what it means to design systems that have to work every time.

Simoni Systems Inc. was chosen to design the new computer controlled audio systems for the Michigan Senate and House of Representatives chambers, integrating them into the historic architecture. One of our more recent A/V systems was installed in the historic District Court in Midland MI. Recent acoustical design includes a reference listening room for a manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, as well as executive boardrooms for a Fortune 500 company.

Our scope of work can range from informal design consultation and product recommendations to acoustical design, and complete a/v and control system specifications and bid documents.


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